Customer Benefits

“I don’t have to worry about payments. Everything is Automatic. On top of that I also get reward points every time I pay”.

Maureen Thornett

Benefits to your customers

Save time and hassle

  • By paying online they avoid writing cheques and stamping envelopes. They save money on postage. They believe it is more secure than mail.
  • They save even more time if the payment happens automatically.

Earn credit card reward points

  • Using their credit card is the profitable way to pay. The value of reward points is 5%. If a consumer spends $200K they earn 200K points which gives them a return business class flight from Sydney to Los Angeles. This is valued at $10,000 or 5% of the $200K.

Up to 55 days interest free with their credit card

  • Valued at 1.25%

Low credit card and bank processing fees

  • Thoroughbred Payments is the cheapest way to pay.
  • Pay by Mastercard. Pay lower processing fees. 

Multiple payment options

  • All cards and bank account.

Payment methods

SMS/email confirmation

  • Choose to receive a confirmation when an automatic payment is processed.
  • Reassurance messages when payments are made.