Trainers & Stud Farm Benefits

Benefits to you

Save money

Your own one-off payment portal and auto monthly debit is proven to:

  • Improve cash flow by 20%
  • Reduce late payments by 40%
  • Reduce bad debts by 50%
  • Eliminate bank, credit card and terminal fees (paid for by Thoroughbred payments and your customers)

Save time

  • No manual processing of payments. Happens automatically or is done online by your customer
  • No cross checking of bank statements
  • No chasing customers to pay
  • No chasing of failed payments

No cost to you

  • No cost for your secure web payment portal
  • You can pass on the low credit card and bank processing fees to your customers (as most merchants do).
  • Thoroughbred Payments has partnered with Mastercard to offer preferential processing fees when your customers pay by Mastercard*.

Maintain your relationship with your customers

  • Don’t be tarnished by money discussions

No changes to your existing bank system or software.

Preferred by your clients – 60 to 70% prefer online payment and credit card usage

Easy to implement. We do it for you


Mastercard is a registered trademark, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated.